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Your Questions on the QNET LifeSite Answered!

By QNET  /  20 February 2013

How are you enjoying your QNET LifeSite

As you all know, the QNET LifeSite was recently launched in your Repeat eStore. So, you can now subscribe to it and use it as a tool to grow your business and your network and while doing so, earn RSP (Repeat Sales Points) which you can convert into cash or BV. It’s a hot deal, right?

We are glad to have created this ultimate sales and marketing tool that breathes life into your business.

If you have questions about the QNET LifeSite, check out the list below and you may your answers!


1. How much are the subscription plans?

Subscription Plans

Regular Price USD

Promo Price   USD
Until 1 March 2013



3 Months





6 Months





12 Months





2. I have activated my QNET LifeSite before 1 December 2012 but I’m not able to access it now. What should I do?

Simply login to your VO and click on the QNET LifeSite banner. It will take you directly to the eStore page where you will see the available QNET LifeSite Subscription Plans that you may purchase to reactivate your site. If you have purchased QNET LifeSite subscription AFTER 1 December 2012, please contact the GSC for assistance.

3. The QNET LifeSite has so many features that I don’t know where to start and what to learn first. Where can I get help?

If you want to know the amazing tools and opportunities that the LifeSite offers , whether you have an activated account or just planning to purchase a subscription, please go to www.qnetlife.net and click on the ‘Features’ tab. If you have already activated your site, you may access the QNET LifeSite tutorials through the ‘Training’ tab after you login.

4. Is the LifeSite email functionality working now? 

Yes, your personalised QNET-branded email (yourname@qnetlife.net) is ready for use. Try sending and receiving a message now!

5. What languages is the LifeSite available in?

It is available in French, Arabic, Russian, Turkish and English.
6. Where can my prospects view our products?

Once your prospect is on your LifeSite, they just need to click on “Take the Tour” and they will be able to view a whole range of QNET product videos. If they want to shop then they simply click on “Go Shopping”!

7. How do I customise the information appearing on my LifeSite?

You may edit the details appearing on your personal website by clicking on “Settings” and “Display Information” and you will see different options available for you. However, please note that any changes made on your site will not reflect on your Virtual Office registered information.

8. Can I change my LifeSite username?

Yes you can! You just need to file a CRF under “General Enquiry” and we will assist you.

9. I am an IR from India/Malaysia/Turkey, why can’t I view my website even though I’ve registered it?

Please check that your QNETLife URL is ending with qnetlife.in, qnetlife.net.my or qnetlife.com.tr and your website should work fine.

10. When are we getting more product landing pages?

We are releasing exclusive landing pages just for you very soon. Please stay tuned!

11. Do I use the same password for my LifeSite and VO?

Yes, your LifeSite and Virtual office have the same login details. You can just log into your VO and click on the QNETLife banner on the right side of your screen to access your LifeSite.

We are constantly on the lookout for ways to bring you more choices and more opportunities to grow your network using your QNET LifeSite. Rest assured that we will update the site regularly by adding new features, training tools and product pages.

Any feedback that would help us further enhance the LifeSite would be greatly appreciated. Email or call our friendly QNET Global Support Center and instantly receive answers to your questions.

Don’t have your own LifeSite, yet? Go to www.qnetlife.net now and take the tour!



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