QNET’s Going to Wembley!

What? Why? When? Excited? We certainly are! Watch the international match England v Holland next Wednesday, 29 February 2012, 8 pm GMT (Thursday, 1 March, 4 am HKST) taking place at the world famous Wembley Stadium in fabulous London, which will be broadcasted by the biggest TV channels! Whatever the time zone, this is no night to sleep! QNET will support the game, sporting its logo around the field while cheering the players of the two glorified national teams at sparkling Wembley! Broadcasted by Fox, ESPN, Al-Jazeera and other international giants(stay tuned for the full country and TV channels list!), the match will showcase the digital boards proudly blaring the QNET logo!

What does this mean for you BESIDES a night of fun and great football? As a networker, you will know that there’s more than fun to be had! Be sure to know that this is a great tool to promote your company! Bring your prospects together to watch the game. Whichever of the two great teams you support be sure to cheer every time the camera catches the QNET logo and the slogan Best Products in the Right Business! For this encompasses what QNET is!

QNET is at the internationally acclaimed Wembley NEXT WEEK! Be sure to check this Blog and your Virtual Office for all the exciting details!


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