In times of difficulty, having God close to your heart gives you strength and the willpower to go through any obstacle that comes your way. Introducing a new jewellery piece by Bernhard H. Mayer, you can proudly show your respect and faith to the world with unique style.

Hoo Allah Diamond Pendant
Pure Faith

Hoo Allah, or God, is a sacred word for Muslims. To have God by your side is to have strength to accomplish your goals. The Hoo Allah Diamond Pendant from Bernhard H. Mayer® is not only a jewellery piece, but also a symbol of belief. Reflecting the purity of your faith in the Lord, the pendant is made of gold with a series of seven gorgeous white diamonds. The chain is made of a metal base with gold plating, a great complement nestled on one’s neck as the pendant dangles delicately from its carabine clasp. This Hoo Allah Diamond Pendant perfectly combines religious devotion together with style, resulting in a unique gift for the true believer.

Content18 K yellow gold
Weight2.30 g
Precious Stone0.035 ct diamonds (7 pcs), H colour, SI clarity

* With a complimentary gold-plated chain

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