Once in a while we may become overwhelmed by our responsibilities, wishing each day had more than 24 hours. Even one more hour per day would make a difference, we would think. The truth is if you do not know how to manage your time, 10 extra hours per day would not mean a thing. Here are some techniques you can start with if you want to manage your time better.

When work becomes overwhelming, we tend to cope with it by ‘multi-tasking’ in the wrong way. We do everything at the same time, hoping all our work will be finished as soon as possible. This does not only make life more complicated, our working system also becomes less efficient. What you ought to do is prioritise your tasks – make a to-do list, specify what should be done first and how long it will take.

You should also set a goal or objective for each step. This will help your task list look more ‘hopeful’. For example, if you give task A five days, then set a possible goal for each day of what should be done and what should be accomplished, and stick to the schedule.

Make a clear line between work and personal time. Keep in mind that when you are at work, it is time to work. Your home is definitely not your office and vice versa. Concentrating on what you are doing allows you to work and to use your time more efficiently.

There are numerous time management techniques; apply the ones that suit your personality best. Everyone has a different way to manage his/her time. Other people might manage their time better than you, but that is no reason to be discouraged. Time management skills are learnable and practice does make perfect!