Although the Top Performers’ Bonus Pool is over and the qualifiers have been announced, the excitement is still there for many Indonesian IRs. More than 600 Indonesian IRs qualified for the Bonus Pool with almost a total of 1,000 shares. Nearly 7,000 IRs in many cities enthusiastically celebrated this glory when QNet  recently organised Top Performers’ Bonus Pool Recognition events in Jakarta, Pekanbaru, and Bali dan Semarang!

(Top Image) Qualifiers in Bali, a moment after they received the certificate of recognition. (Bottom Image) Almost 6,000 IRs from Semarang and surrounding cities, eager to hear about the upcoming V-Malaysia.

V leaders in each city gave motivational speeches on consistency, integrity, the importance of serving fellow team members, and the application of professional business practices. VC Gita Hartanto shared some secrets of his brilliant success while VCs Rosli Ismail and Devaraj Jeevaratnam reminded IRs to fight the temptation to be too laidback, emphasising why hard work was needed in order to be successful. VC Amelia Djajadi graced the evening in Jakarta when she personally congratulated every Qualifier. VP Sathi Senathirajah reaffirmed that everybody could be successful in QNet  and that they must act now to take advantage of every opportunity.

Almost 6,000 IRs in Semarang gave enthusiastic, overwhelming applause when The V Managing Director, Mr Pathman Senathirajah, stepped up on the stage and revealed his dreams. To reach the ultimate business goal, IRs needed concentrated efforts to this purpose. Indeed, attending V-Malaysia 2010 would be one way to improve their entrepreneurship, leadership skill and business knowledge. They would also have the chance to share their personal experience with other IRs from all over the world and to learn how to become an expert in the industry.