by Dato’ Vijay Eswaran

Every person ought to have a great vision. You have to get to where you want to be by not accepting what ever has taken place but by often questioning the current state of things.

Did you know that one can create a vision in a ‘future backwards’ manner, rather than the conventional ‘present forward’ manner? Try it out. You will come out successful. Companies like Motorola and Toyota have emerged successfully after implementing this.

Whether we create a vision by questioning the current state of things or imagining a future that does not exist, one thing is certain: great vision feeds on positive action and a network of supporting visions. It is one that is acted upon with a sense of immediacy. Imagination without action is of no use. Great vision always reserves room for providence and lends itself to the power of emergence. If you have thought through how to execute the vision in fullest detail, you probably do not kow that you do not know. Great vision is an apparition of the future – not the future itself. Even when you lose your sight, there is no need to give up your vision.

We all have within us the potential for greatness or for failure. Both possibilites are an innate part of our character. Whether we reach for the stars or plunge to the depths of despair depends in large measure on how we manage our positive and negative potential. It is doubtful that, if left unchecked, your virtues will rage out of control. Unfortunately, faults have a way of multiplying until they eventually choke out your good quailities, and more importantly, your past good deeds. The surest way to control your faults is to attack them the moment they appear.

Move on people… the world is waiting for you.