How much energy do you have left after a long day at work? Do you often find yourself needing a boost before, during or after playing your favourite sports games? Wouldn’t it be great to have something that can increase your performance energy anytime, whenever you need it?

That is what Veloci-Ti is for!

Veloci-Ti Cosmos Pendant
Unleash the Power

Combining the versatility of titanium with cutting-edge technology, the Veloci-Ti Cosmos Pendant displays a distinctive design created from the fascinating pattern of mathematic fractals, giving the wearer an improvement in his or her physical performance as well as an increase in focus. Bringing together its lightweight and durable qualities with a sleek and contemporary design, the Veloci-Ti Cosmos Pendant is a perfect companion for either active people or professional athletes. A complimentary stylish rubber cord with a rhodium-plated silver clasp also enhances the smart and sporty look. With the Veloci-Ti Cosmos Pendant, you can get through a busy day and still have energy left to hit the gym or the sports field afterwards!

Veloci-Ti pendants may assist to enhance, balance and increase your:

• Energy levels
• Physical performance
• Endurance
• Resistance
• Agility

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