Insights from the Qplus Start Right Programme, 22 May 2010, with guest speaker and V Partner Ferdie Tolentino

Unless your name is already Paul Zane Pilzer, the inspirational talk given by esteemed Associate V-Partner Mr Ferdie Tolentino last Saturday, 22 May 2010 during the well-attended Qplus Start Right Programme should move you to embrace hard work on your way to the top as a network marketer for the company. Non-believers, make some room.

Staunch network marketing professional and Associate V-Partner Mr Ferdie Tolentino won the crowd over as he advocated and rallied for the Qplus System for Success.

Why is hard work important? Why not just do what’s easier? When faced with a challenge, the more common reaction would be to fold up and choose the kinder path sans conflict, which is precisely why one should do the opposite to achieve results, Ferdie reveals.

With 12 years of network marketing experience and savvy tucked under his belt, Mr Tolentino is no stranger to the tough grind. The flow of his discussion with fellow IRs and prospects reflected his wisdom, touching on the steps necessary to achieving success in this business.

Mr Tolentino was an unstoppable force as he challenged the audience to walk the talk and stressed on the inimitable value of following the Qplus System for Success to the letter. He explains that this business is about finding what you want in life. To be able to make things happen, it’s important to believe in, live and breathe the System to confirm the unmatched importance of the Qplus ground floor opportunity. We are the pioneers, he furthers, and the passion to defend the System is what we need to be a cut above the rest.

Qplus Business Development Manager Mr Amar Chandnani welcomed back IRs in his opening remarks during the Start Right Programme at the Qplus Office.

Down the tougher road there’s a lot less competition and a lot more opportunity. When one is disciplined to work hard, he is given access to a treasure box of benefits that are denied to everyone else.

The great thing about hard work is that it’s universal. It doesn’t matter what kind of person you are, what kind of background you come from because when you work hard, we can all achieve positive, long-term results.

Getting prospects to show up for the Start Right Programme is hard. Sustaining their interest in the product is even harder. As you become more and more serious about your position as a network marketer, the obstacles are at their hardest. But hear this. You are entitled to the fullness of life when you stop avoiding and fearing hard work and simply accept it, making hard work your ally instead of your enemy.

Vital Life Center Chief Medical Doctor and 1983 Outstanding Philippine Scientist Dr Ferdinand Soledad addressed the attentive audience, providing insight into the pillars of a Vitality Lifestyle–Screening, Supplementation and Support.

Always strive to reach the top by autographing your work with excellence. Take the compensation plan to heart. As Qplus IRs, become activated; strive for three directs a week; encourage AutoShip; always be sure that you can duplicate your success; advance your rank; be a Diamond. This is leadership through excellence in performance. It is RYTHM in motion.

The time is now. If not you, who? If not now, when?

Note: The Start Right programme is designed to equip new Qplus IRs with the skills necessary to accelerate their business sustainably, reputably and consistently. The training is focused on the attractive advantages of the Compensation Plan, Potential Earning, the Vitality System, System for Success, Professional Networking and Qplus Policies & Procedures. The first Start Right Training was held on 06 February 2010. 150 new Qplus IRs were present during the event.