Dear Valued IRs,

Last week, we gave you a sneak introduction of what your new home, QNet, is.

This week, we give you a list of things you should know about your new home by giving you 10 pledges of how QNet will be closer to you than ever before.

1. A new name is only the beginning for our modern and progressive company. We will remain at the forefront of the Asian direct selling/network marketing industry while forging ahead with localised companies and operations in your country and in your language.

2. After 12 years of remarkable growth, we are committed to serving our markets in a local, proactive manner to propel the company onto the main stage of international direct selling.

3. We will be closer than ever to you, our customers and distributors, with enhanced on-ground business, product and customer support. We will have global reach but a truly local focus.

4. We will cement our position within the direct selling profession as an industry leader and influencer, further involving the company and our IRs in industry events and associations.

5. We will continue to expand our product portfolio within the lifestyle market, with exclusivity, innovation, quality and wellness being the underlying philosophy of our product development.

6. We are devoted to being the change we want to see in the world; we will continue to equip our IRs with the tools to allow them to also be the change they want to see in the world.

7. We are committed to giving you flexibility in your business, and will ensure you have the tailored support to allow you the option to concentrate on specific QNet products to suit your market, and the diversity and variety to enable successful promotion of the entire product range. We are firm in our product strategy of providing you products with high retail potential, with true relevance and benefit to the customer.

8. We will continuously deliver you a better user experience in all your dealings with QNet and we believe in the importance of developing and maintaining network-corporate relationships to the benefit of you, our customer.

9. We will continue to give back to the communities in which we operate through meaningful corporate social responsibility initiatives. We will never waiver from our commitment to Raise Yourself To Help Mankind and to providing the vehicle for others to spread this message of RYTHM.

10. We are committed to evolve and improve from the ‘inside out’ and we are loyal to you – our IR, customer and family member – and we devote ourselves to you to ensure you enjoy your daily experiences with QNet.

As we invite you to forge boldly ahead with us as QNet, we do so with the commitment to serving you by being closer to you.

QNet… Ready to move in. V-Malaysia 2010.