Cover of In The Sphere of Silence by Vijay Eswaranby Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran

Silence does not mean the end of speaking. It is not the end of anything. It is the beginning. A great man once said, it’s not so much the words you speak, but the silence in between them that gives the fire to your message; gives the passion to your message. Silence is best because it allows you control. Staying in silence for a day if one can manage it is an exercise that will test your will tremendously but leave you with a will to communicate and converse with conviction. The will to convince is a tremendous tool. We see it all the time. Someone walks up to an individual and tries to convey to him, spends an hour unable to get through. Then someone else walks up to him, and in ten minutes manages to turn the person around. So is it the words, the logic or the language?

Or maybe it’s none of the above. Maybe it is the pause of the conviction that he is able to carry in the same words that his predecessor has used and failed. That force of conviction comes from within. An energy that is invisible, indecipherable, but incisive, impactful, without leaving a tangible mark on both the speaker and the listener. Sitting in the audience when great ones have spoken is something people carry for a lifetime. It leaves an impact not just in the eardrums but in the mind. It changes the way you choose to live your life in an instant. Hearing Gandhi or Martin Luther King or Mother Teresa, JFK or Mandela, all of them have left an indelible mark on our history and will continue to leave their mark for eons to come. Their words continue to echo and reverberate in far distant lands from whence it was spoken and there is no accounting for that resonance. For that power. For that majesty.