Dear Valued IRs,

For the past few weeks, we’ve given you the low-down on the biggest thing to happen to network marketing since you joined this business! Yes, QuestNet is being reborn as QNet! And your new home is ready for you to move in at V-Malaysia 2010.

So, exactly what does that mean to YOU? Click here for all your Frequently Asked Questions, and read on below for a little sneak preview at some of the tools and services you can expect when you move into your new home.

New retail-friendly brands and products!

In 2008, we introduced our first two consumable brands: the exclusive Bio Silver 22 Gel advanced skin care, and the patented Swiss Glacier Essentials body and hair treatments. The following year saw the introduction of nutritional brands Olé olive leaf extract, FibreFit soluble fibre supplement, VITAL CODE™ raw multivitamins, and Salba® wholefood products.

Now, in 2010 as QNet, we will welcome French cosmetics brand Physio Radiance, vitality supplement NutriSky, revolutionary water energiser and purifier, HomePure, and a special luxury and collectible brand of Nature-inspired silver jewellery from Datin Umayal Eswaran, aptly entitled, Umayal Collection. Also at V-Malaysia 2010, a much-anticipated addition to the popular Amezcua brand will be launched – the Amezcua Lifestyle Set, which combines convenience with harmonised energy – as well as more QVI Club packages and In-Voice products, including a Media Player and In-Voice Powered BlackBerry.

  • Personalised Websites for IRs – English Beta version available now, with local languages coming soon! Chose how to position your business and harness Internet marketing to your advantage!
  • Official QNet blog – English Beta version available now, with local languages coming soon! Interactive, exploding with news and information, featuring success stories and product testimonials from fellow QNet IRs, packed with interesting articles and features, and so much more!
  • New QNet public website in at least 11 languages with downloadable multimedia tools.
  • Mobile Applications for all your QNet transactions and business activities.
  • More languages options for your online user experience.
  • More Business Tools and Training Tools in local languages.
  • Advanced security for online transactions with Verizon CyberTrust Certification and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for added protection when doing your business online.
  • Translated, intelligent eStore with advanced cross-selling and up-selling features in multiple languages.
  • Integrated and fully translated Virtual Office (coming to you in time for our 12th Anniversary!)
  • New market-specific newsletters for QNet distributors (coming soon!)
  • More agents, representative offices, stockists, and on-ground support in your area.
  • A new look, a new logo, a new mindset, a new company, a new home!

QNet… Ready to move in. V-Malaysia 2010.