An extremely exciting milestone in your company’s history happened just moments ago at V-Malaysia 2010. Our Managing Director, Mr JR Mayer, officially welcomed us all into our new home, QNet.

Resulting from phenomenal organic growth and geographical development over the past 12 years, fuelled by an expansion and diversification of our product lines that since 2008 has seen a strong consumable and retail focus, we have reached the point in our history when it is time to evolve.

We have changed to be closer to you. Because it’s all about YOU.

And it is not just a new name…

  • Personal Website for YOU
  • More PRODUCTS that suit YOU
  • Mobile Applications for your Virtual Office and eStore
  • More Support near YOU
  • More Languages that YOU speak
  • All new, multi-featured, multilingual Virtual Office and eStore
  • More Offices, More Markets!
  • A new look user-friendly, interactive, product- and opportunity-packed QNet website

Were you here to see for yourself?

Or if you couldn’t be here at V-Malaysia 2010, if you want to feel that moment, the video of this exciting moment is here for YOU! Click here to see part I and part II.

Welcome to your new home… where everything YOU need, want and expect is ready for YOU to use, enjoy and boost your business.

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