Mobile phones today carry a wealth of personal and professional data. They can even act as mobile credit cards. Unfortunately, they are also susceptible to loss or theft. Either way, you could end up losing more than just hardware; all the data that you’ve compiled so painstakingly over the years can be lost in a single moment of indiscretion. We recommend using these  approaches to limit your losses and to have a hassle-free mobile experience:

Strong Passwords: If you carry sensitive data on your phone, you should create a user password to make it difficult for someone to access that data and misuse it. The key here is to assign a strong password. The strongest passwords involve a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and diacritical marks — and you can tweak these to create a strong password.

Remote Backups: Make sure to use an online backup service to make remote backups of the data on your phone. That way, if someone snatches your phone, you can go online and retrieve your data. Even if you never see your phone again, your data would remain in safe hands.

Remote Recovery Services: While the odds are against recovering a stolen phone, you can improve the odds with a remote recovery service. With this service, your phone will emit a ‘beacon’ as soon as it is switched on and someone attempts to access the data in it. You can determine your phone’s physical location and take appropriate steps.

Two-Factor Authentication: Two-Factor Authentication, or 2FA, fortifies your mobile phone with your password to complete a strong authentication solution. Simply put, when you log into a system protected by 2FA, you must first enter your regular user name and password. Your 2FA provider then sends the mobile device a random PIN code via SMS, and prompts for the same code on the login screen. You must enter the correct PIN code to complete the login procedure and access the data. 2FA renders keyloggers ineffective because the PIN code changes with every login attempt. A stolen password is only half the information needed to login and brute force hacks are out of the question.

2FA is the leading industry standard for mobile phone safety. With 2FA being part of QNet’s tight online system security, you can be sure that your online transactions are secure and your personal data is kept private and protected at all times. Stay tuned next week to find out more about 2FA!