We are each blessed with a body that has been designed to care for itself, as long as we are there to help it. The body is the perfect doctor: the body will cure itself, but we just need to learn how to not block the process. Moreover, with so many other drugs and medicines that are introduced into our body’s system, the body loses its memory on how to protect itself. The body will always send us a signal when something is wrong. But often, we don’t pay attention or don’t recognise the signal at all.

I would encourage everyone to learn about your body and learn how to give your body the best environment in which to do its job of protecting and healing itself. I am not saying there is no need for doctors – there is – but we can make the doctors’ jobs a whole lot easier if we pay a little more attention to what our body is saying and why it’s saying it.

Things like short-term fasting, flushing, cold press, dry brushing, massages – all these things help to ensure our body is free from toxins, and clears the way for the body to get on with performing all the vital functions it was designed for. Eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep, managing your stress levels, staying away from alcohol and cigarettes, maintaining a vegetarian diet – these are all things that we have perfect control over and can pave the way for a body that is allowed to do what it was created to do – live.

Please take a moment to ponder… our body is designed to protect us. Don’t get in the way of that.


Joseph Bismark

Group Managing Director, QI Ltd