Do you know aspIRe?

aspIRe is your official business-boosting magazine that is jam-packed with interesting and informative articles on company news, activities, products and other industry-related issues – the perfect tool for you to use, not only in Business Opportunity Meetings, but also when meeting with prospects or explaining products to your Downlines! The glossy, full-colour magazine is sure to impress.

The past five issues of aspIRe were available only as physical magazines. Now, with the V-Malaysia 2010 bumper issue, we have some exciting news for you! aspIRe issue 6 & 7 (the double bumper issue) was immensely popular during V-Malaysia 2010, with the entire stock snatched up by IRs attending the event. And demand is still at an all-time high!

As a thank-you gift for you, we are taking another step in getting closer to you by converting the much anticipated aspIRe into an eBook! The good news does not end here. What’s more is that aspIRe is available online for FREE! The aspIRe eBook is easy to access. Simply go here and you can read aspIRe with just a click of your mouse.

If you prefer reading an actual, physical magazine you can hold rather than an online version, physical copies of aspIRe are also available for purchase from your eStore, delivered straight to your doorstep!

Keep you and your network updated with what’s hot and what’s happening in your business and your products with aspIRe, an essential part of your business, lifestyle and success.

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