If you are looking for books that will change your life, RYTHM House has just the right ones for you!

Launched at V-Malaysia 2010, these new books by the two founders of QI Group, Dato’ Vijay Eswaran and Mr Joseph Bismark, are the must-have books that will certainly change your perspective towards life. They will encourage you to embrace, treasure and cherish the lessons and obstacles you have come across, because good insights are more valuable than anything.

18 Stepping Stones by Dato’ Vijay Eswaran

The concept of ‘18 stepping stones’ is commonly used to describe the natural stone bridge that people use to hop across a river. Travellers use it as a way to overcome natural obstacles along the path to their destination.

18 Stepping Stones by Dato’ Vijay Eswaran are 18 concepts that Dato’ Vijay has endeavoured to put together to help readers navigate through the chaotic and turbulent waters of life.

They have been his compass through the years, and now in this delightful book, he introduces the 18 concepts that can change the purpose and direction of your life.

Grab your copy now for only RM35. 18 Stepping Stones is available in English and Farsi at RYTHM House office or email enquiries@rythm-house.com.

The Gem Collection by Mr Joseph Bismark

Mr Joseph Bismark’s weekly Gems of Wisdom series is very much loved by scores of QI Group staff. From the weekly mailers to the “Gems of Wisdom” blog, many have come to view it as an anchor for inspirational and spiritual direction in life.

After much prompting from the publisher, Mr Bismark kindly consented to compile his Gems of Wisdom into a book. RYTHM House is honoured to have had the pleasure to work with him on publishing a book that is quite literally a gem.

This book is ideal to meditate on or even to inspire you when you are feeling down. It allows the reader to simply absorb a lesson, understand how it affects their daily interactions and even challenges the reader to lead a better life.

Don’t miss out on obtaining a copy today! Contact RYTHM House at enquiries@rythm-house.com.