The latest issue of aspIRe (a bumper double-issue), launched at V-Malaysia 2010, was a smashing success! All available stocks were quickly snatched up by enthusiastic IRs. But don’t worry if you didn’t get the chance to grab one for your own. aspIRe is now available in eBook form at – start reading the magazine with just a click of your mouse! Or, if you’d prefer to have a copy you can hold in your hands, login to your eStore to purchase a physical copy of this glossy, full-colour magazine, which will be delivered straight to your doorstep.

But now … we’re revving up for the next issue of aspIRe, and we’d like to ask YOU for your valuable opinions.  What would you like to read about? Are there any subjects you’d like to see featured in the magazine? Do you have photos from V-Malaysia 2010 or other recent events you’d like to see in aspIRe? Perhaps you’d like to share your testimonials or success stories with us, and talk about your experiences with QNet. Anything goes! Submit any story ideas, photos, etc., to!

Don’t keep your great ideas and fantastic photos to yourself – share them with us and be a part of aspIRe!