Are you looking for new jewellery that complements any style?

Are you looking for a sweet, gentle gift for the lady you love?

Introducing new products from the popular Bernhard H. Mayer® line, QNet might have just what you need!

Pandora’s Pendant*

Combining Elegance with Whimsical Design

The Pandora’s Pendant is an artful piece crafted from 18 K white and rose gold and inlaid with precious diamonds. The angled placement of the rose gold shape within the white gold frame gives the piece a whimsical feel, while strategic positioning of the luminous diamonds graces the pendant with a heightened sense of elegance.

With its fanciful, charming aesthetic, the Pandora’s Pendant would make an eye-catching complement for any wearer.

Content18 K white and rose gold
Weight2.57 g
Precious Stone0.06 ct diamonds, H colour, SI clarity
* With Complimentary rhodium-plated chain

Glow Diamond Pendant*

Whispers of Forever

The Glow Diamond Pendant encapsulates the promise of eternal devotion. Set with shimmering diamonds, this fine piece of jewellery is made from 18 K yellow and white gold. The pendant features interconnected, dewdrop-shaped swirls, symbolically bound together forever with the endearing bonds of love.

Content18 K white and yellow gold
Weight3.05 g
Precious Stone0.13 ct diamonds, H colour, SI clarity
* With Complimentary rhodium-plated chain

Forever Diamond Pendant*
High Fashion in Love

Masterfully crafted from 18 K white gold, the Forever Diamond Pendant symbolises the gentle tenderness that can be found between two people in love. The heart-shaped pendant is inlaid with a trail of black diamonds along one side and a path of white diamonds on the other, creating a fascinating juxtaposition between the two. Delicate curves infuse the pendant with a whisper of sweet romance, and the combined hues of the precious gemstones give the piece a sense of alluring mystery.

Content18 K white gold
Weight3.06 g
Precious Stone0.115 ct black and white diamonds, H colour, SI clarity
* With Complimentary rhodium-plated chain

*Product availability may vary depending on country