Sometimes the signs are just too obvious. Sometimes they are not. At first, the signs are subtle; gradually, your computer starts developing a mind of its own. A sudden change in how your computer is running could be a sign of a virus attack. A virus is a programme that is capable of propagating from one machine to another, and then disrupting the working and functionality of the infected machine. It is, therefore, extremely important to identify the presence of a virus as soon as possible, else it can lead to loss of important data and even a system crash in many cases. There are many computer virus removal programmes that can aid you in removing viruses.

Common Symptoms of a Computer Virus

The symptoms of a virus are varied and it is likely that you will see the effects immediately or gradually. The ultimate result is that normal operations of your PC/laptop are disrupted, leading to malfunction of many applications. Some of the most common ways to know if your data is already infected are:

  • The computer runs considerably slower than normal for no apparent reason.
  • The machine crashes and restarts by itself after every few minutes.
  • The applications and programmes on the machine do not respond to commands.
  • The machine freezes every now and then.
  • Error messages keep popping out on a regular basis.
  • Your files and folders are deleted automatically.
  • Your disks and drives do not work properly.
  • Unknown icons start appearing on your desktop all of a sudden.
  • Your antivirus software fails to run properly and often remains disabled.
  • Printouts are faulty and incorrect.
  • There are sound problems with the speaker or sound card.
  • Seemingly random glitches appear on the screen.
  • Partitions seem to ‘disappear’.
  • System slowdowns occur.
  • Double extensions appear in files, such as .exe.vbs and similar.

But a virus does not mean the end of the world for you. Ensure adequate protection for your machine, like running and updating your antivirus at regular intervals. Watch out for our next article on how to remove a typical computer virus!