One hundred percent basic, and 101% crucial — that’s one way of looking at the answer to the burning question, “How do you get started right in network marketing?”

For its May-June 2010 issue, Networking Times, the premier journal of the international network marketing industry, breaks with tradition and assembles not just four renowned network marketing masters for its ‘Our Times’ panel, but an eight-person panel to tackle the issue of starting right in the profession.

Underscoring this concern is the fact that turnover rates still remain quite high for the industry. As revered sales guru Zig Ziglar points out in Network Marketing for Dummies, “No one really knows for sure, but network marketing leaders and consultants say that at least nine of every ten people who join a network marketing company quit or fail within the first 90 days.”

One of the ‘Our Times’ panelists — none other than QNet Executive Chairperson Ms Donna Marie Glenn Imson — chose to share her own experience in being able to actually hurdle a bad start, and rise above being ‘clueless and uplineless’ to restart right and eventually hit her stride.

In her article entitled “Restarting Right”, Ms Imson herself admits, “Given the circumstances, I should have become another attrition statistic for network marketing.”

However, she reveals that there are indeed significant factors that can bring about a turnaround, and more importantly, even build the foundation for long-term, sustainable success in the profession.

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