Sivan Nair Kozhisseri

“Since I was not born into a rich family, I was always very aware of the value of money. Ninety per cent of South India’s population is engaged in agriculture. Since ancient times, Indian farmers often said, ‘We are born in debt, live in debt, and die in debt.’ Our situation is no different. Although we suffered from financial issues, my father tried very hard to support me in getting a university degree, so that I could go out and change the destiny of our lives. In 1990, I graduated in Economics. A year later, I worked as an insurance agent at LIC, the only life insurance company in India. Although it was a tough job, I achieved many awards as a top performer. In 1996, I joined AIG Insurance in Saudi Arabia and that was a turning point in my life. I started to dislike it. I was tired of talking about unpleasant things to my clients, such as death, disability, old age, critical diseases, etc.

“In 2003, QNet came into my life. I was introduced to this business by my acquaintance, VC Radha from Bahrain. To be honest, I didn’t make much of an effort in the beginning because I didn’t realise yet how this business could have a big impact on my life. Then I got two partners, Chandran and Ramesh, and my destiny began to change. Ramesh came from a managerial finance background and he truly understands about the power of this business. With the three of us working together as a team, we finally experienced big changes in our lives.

“Today, I have my own house, estates, and cars. I have been travelling between India, Saudi Arabia, and other countries every year. My network is spread over the Middle East, Africa and recently in Europe and the US. My grand Upline VP Arun always gives his hand to support me. His leadership is something I always admire and want to emulate. From time to time, I receive an SMS from Dato’ Vijay Eswaran and Pathman Senathirajah, as well as regularly receiving calls and emails or SMS’s from my AE Kristine, her bosses in The V, and The V ambassadors. I also get first-class support from the Hong Kong office, especially from Malou, Claire and Arti as well as my ever-loving leaders, all of whom are spread in different parts of the world and keep empowering my life. This year we are planning to add new countries into our great family. So far, my life is cool, although Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia, is over 50 degree Celsius!

“Thanks QNet for giving me this opportunity to change my destiny!”