For our IRs in Africa, QNet’s Product Training Team is now on the express train right to where you are!

QNet Head of Product Training, Mr Juergen Michel, educating IRs about QNet products in Cairo, Egypt.

Receiving positive feedback from IRs in Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt, QNet Head of Product Training Mr Juergen Michel is leading the popular, capable team of QNet product trainers to five countries in the world’s second largest continent – Africa.

The Product Training sessions are important to your QNet business, as they enhance your understanding of the products, allowing you to present products to your Downlines and prospects more effectively. These sessions also provide you with all-you-need-to-know information about products and brands, such as how to use them properly, how they work, etc. Plus, the Product Training sessions are the perfect opportunities to have your product-related questions answered by our experts!

Whether you’re new to the QNet business or have been part of our family for years, all you need is a passion to succeed. Be a part of our Product Training tour!

Stay tuned to receive the Product Training Team at their next destinations of Burundi, Congo, Tanzania, and Kenya!