Excellence is striving for quality or merit in all that we do with awareness and attention. It must be tempered by balance, because when we seek excellence in one area, we risk neglecting our other values and priorities. Excellence does not mean being perfect; it means using our abilities and opportunities to their fullest potential. Excellence is not a skill but a habit with the right attitude. It is a spontaneous performance that one prepares for well before hand. It is an art wrought by sustained training that has evolved into habit. One achieves excellence by paying attention to every detail with a focussed awareness. Excellence is simply doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. Excellence is a brilliant, outstanding quality that is superb in its application and sterling in its finish. Excellence does not fade, it just becomes greater by day. In true excellence the path is continuously upward. It means surpassing all others in merit and brilliance.

Excellence in principle is competing against yourself. It is about being better than you were the day before. Excellence is not what you do, but how you do it. It is the best that is in a person. Excellence is not a skill but an attitude. It is clearly habit which builds into a character of excelling. It becomes spontaneous as we progress, eventually becoming effective while appearing effortless. It is the demonstration of championship. Excellence is an art perfected by long training, practice, patience, persistence and perseverance . Excellence always excels more in action than in speech. Excellence is unleashing the almost unlimited ability within oneself driven by will power. It raises the quality of every action. Life is like a play, it is not the length but the excellence (as in the quality) of acting that matters. Excellence is always in the details. Excellence is doing even ordinary things in an extraordinary way. It requires the same arduous, patient and painful process of preparation to achieve excellence in all fields. The first sign of excellence is almost always a higher, refined moral sense.