Great news for the QNet family!

Since its launch at V-Malaysia 2010, so many of you have jumped on board the power of the new QNet Personal Website, and have been using it to boost your business! And what’s more, you’ve told us what you like, what you use, and the areas that you want to see become even more customisable! And we here at QNet have listened, and delivered!

Login to your Personal Website today and you’ll see that there is now a whole lot more potential for positioning your products. Choose to promote an entire product category — such as Nutrition, Personal Care, Watches & Jewellery, or Holidays, to name just a few — or you can choose to promote just individual brands, such as the revolutionary French anti-aging skin care range, Physio Radiance, the popular immunity-booster Olé, or perhaps the In-Voice brand of telecommunication solutions. Your products. Your choice.

There are lots more coming up for your Personal Website… Coming soon are new sections to help you promote your company and also to explain the business opportunity. Even better is that your Personal Website will soon be available in more than 10 languages! Stay tuned! If you can’t access the QNet Personal Website in your country yet, don’t worry! You will be able to soon… The QNet Personal Website is coming to Central Asia and the Middle East in the coming months!

Your QNet Personal Website is so easy to set-up, easy to maintain, easy to change, and of course, it is designed to help YOU promote the best products in the right business! YOUR products and YOUR business! All you need to know is at

Get business-boosting today!