To protect your identity from being a victim of online fraud, QNet is launching a new process to help verify the identity of all new IRs, called the KYC. This new registration will be launched on Thursday, 2 September 2010 for all NEW IRs.

This process is necessary for enhanced protection of your online identity and information. Identity fraud is a serious problem that comes with the use of today’s technology, with numerous cases being reported all over the world. Therefore, as your business companion, QNet is stepping up our security measures to make sure that your information is secured and protected against fraud.

The process is simple: all you need to do is scan your valid photo ID* with your signature affixed to certify the document. Then, submit it to QNet when you register for this process (for more details, please check your Virtual Office).

When signing up new IRs, please explain this process to them. If they do not submit the document within the submission period, we will have to deactivate the new IR’s Quest Account and Virtual Office until the valid ID copy is received and verified. For Quest Account security, it is mandatory to submit the document.

Go to your Virtual Office for more information.

*National ID, Driver’s License, Passport or any other document that is legally recognisable / acceptable in the IR’s registered country.