“QNet! QNet! QNet!”

IRs and QNet’s Product Trainers in a special HomePure training session in Bali.

The excited shouts came from the participants in our Product Training sessions in Indonesia, where QNet Product Trainers Ms Mariel Yoro and Mr Ashley Williams conducted a series of product training sessions during 20-26 August 2010.

Ms Yoro and Mr Williams had no time to waste as they toured five cities in seven days and gave a total of six training sessions to enthusiastic participants.

“The energy was very high,” said Ms Yoro. “The feedback was very good. The IRs are ready to take their business to a whole new level.”

The new products included HomePure, Physio Radiance, and the Amezcua Lifestyle Set (which is soon-to-be-launched).

Not only did the IRs participate in this training, our Product Trainers were also joined by some of The V’s top leaders: AVP Hendra Nilam, VC Henry Tio, VC Doddi Ferdinata, VC Amelia Djajadi and VC Gita Hartanto, VC I Made Sayoga, and V Elite Leaders across the country.

“It was good to be here in Indonesia. When we see active IRs and see how much they’re interested in our products, it really encourages us to give more back to them,” said Ms Yoro.

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