With an ever-evolving e-commerce platform, QNet is upping the ante for its mobile service to allow you to take your QNet business with you wherever you go.

Officially launched at V-Malaysia 2010, QNet Mobile Solutions allow you to stay connected to your business through your mobile device! By simply typing https://m.qnet.net on your mobile browser and logging in with your IR details, you can stay connected to your business and have access to important information in your Virtual Office.

Good news for BlackBerry users! QNet Mobile Solutions is now available for you! You can now download the App for FREE* at the official BlackBerry App World by going to your BlackBerry menu > BlackBerry App World > search for ‘QNet’ and then download the application. You can then stay updated with your business wherever you want, whenever you want!

Some new features include:

–          Product photos
–          IR pricing of products
–          S&H on the price list
–          Personal Info of New Referrals

Click here to check the BlackBerry App World availability in your country. If your country is not on the list, we’ll soon provide you with a website to download this application… coming soon, so stay tuned!

If you’re on other phone operating systems or if you don’t want to download this app, you can still stay connected to your business by visiting our Mobile Web version at https://m.qnet.net.

For Andriod users, good news is coming your way soon!

*You need a BlackBerry ID for downloading apps in BlackBerry App World.