Recently, QNet had an opportunity to catch up with Ammar Alsadeq, a young and successful IR from Bahrain, at the Bangkok office. Let’s find out how his life has changed with QNet.

Ammar Alsadeq pays us a visit at our Bangkok office.

“Hello, my name is Ammar Alsadeq. I’m from Bahrain. I was introduced to QNet by my close friend in 2008. After I have been doing this business day by day, it changed me a lot as a person, particularly in terms of personal development. Before joining, I had no confidence when talking. I had zero communication skills. I was only working in front of my laptop and that’s it. But after communicating with many people each day, I became more and more confident – being able to deal with clients and win them over. I never realised before that I had persuasive skills, but I certainly do now.

“I am from the ‘Unstoppable’ team, which was established in 2009. I have heard a lot of impressive personal success stories from my network. The best part is having people come to me and thank me for changing their lives. That feeling is priceless. It really touches my heart, as I feel that I’m a part of their success. It reminds me of the concept of RYTHM, which is ‘Raise Yourself To Help Mankind’.

“I’ve found that QNet has a product to suit whatever my Downlines and prospects want. Many of my Downlines are using the Amezcua Chi Pendant and they are very happy with it. I think it’s an ideal product for those who have a busy lifestyle as from personal experience, it helps balance and harmonise the body’s energy level. Bernhard H. Mayer® watches also boast high quality and great design, which I love. The holiday packages from QVI Club are also fantastic. Aside from offering a reasonable price, when our customers visit the place and come back with good experience, it creates very good word of mouth.

“I have been to two V-Cons. They represent an amazing opportunity and a turning point for many of my Downlines, and of course for me. After joining V-Con, I feel that I have more energy and a burning desire to work even harder to achieve my dreams.

“I would like to end my testimonial with a simple message. Just continue on in this business, whatever the result is right now. If things aren’t yet working for you or falling into place, it’s not the end. Success comes in time. Last but not least, I would like to thank QNet for changing my life. Without you, I would not have become a professional like this.”

– Ammar Alsadeq