To lead a healthy life, you need to drink well, eat fresh, and move lively. The best way to achieve this is in a balance and harmonised manner to ensure that your eating and drinking habits, and the way in which you move, are all serving your bodies at the optimum level.

In the hectic rush of modern-day life, it may not be easy to keep your health at the optimum level you prefer. But what if you could have a special wellness set designed to suit the various activities of your daily life, promoting a healthy lifestyle wherever you go?

Introducing the latest product from your popular Amezcua product line, the Amezcua Lifestyle Set* is an advanced way of living with harmonised energy as you drink, eat and move.

The Amezcua Lifestyle Set contains three Energy Discs – Amezcua DRINK, Amezcua EAT and Amezcua MOVE – each created with specific energy frequencies that are exclusive to the particular application of each individual disc. The Amezcua DRINK transfers the energy frequencies that are designed for beverages. The Amezcua EAT has specific energies to food and Amezcua MOVE improves your harmony and energy levels when you carry it with you. The Amezcua Lifestyle Set is so convenient, lightweight and portable, you can use the discs wherever you go. Feel refreshed with balanced, harmonised energy anytime, anywhere!

The Amezcua Lifestyle Set is coming to your eStore on this Thursday, 23 September 2010!

*Availability varies by country.