Your computer is the primary point of entry to your information resources. If the security of the machine is poor, potential intruders can easily bypass this obstacle. In order to safeguard your computer, there is a huge variety of security software available. However, unless you get the best security software, you will still be at the mercy of powerful viruses and creative hackers. If someone breaks into your machine, you would potentially face a torrent of threats. Here are some pitfalls of any breach of security:

Spam: Spam usually comes from emails or instant messengers. It can be anything from an email wanting you to look at new products to someone asking for your address, telephone number, etc.

Malware: Malware consists of viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, etc. Malware usually spreads through email, websites or devices like USB sticks. These threats have specific tasks that might be anything from destroying your data to monitoring your online activities.

Bots: Bots are downloaded onto your computer and allow hackers to control your PC. Your machine then is at the mercy of hackers. From then on, they can take your personal data or install another virus whenever they want.

Vulnerabilities: Vulnerabilities are security holes in software, such as a bit of code that someone can bypass. This is why it is important to make sure all your software is updated to the newest version and has all patches installed.

Adware: Adware is software that influences pop-ups. Adware can be installed on your computer without your knowledge, able to exploit loopholes by further installing additional software and making your machine run slower than usual.

The only way to protect yourself from this entire army of threats is to ensure that you take the appropriate security measures. To avoid your computer from being compromised, you should update your antivirus, personal firewall and operating system regularly. Click here to learn more about desktop  security.

Next week, we’ll learn the signs that indicate that your desktop security has been breached.