With Physio Radiance, you can be sure that your skin will look healthier and younger. But there’s so much that you should know about Physio Radiance. That’s why QNet is set to host the first Physio Radiance Ambassador Training Workshop. ‘Physio Radiance – The Ultimate Anti-Aging Skin Care Solution for You’ training and workshop event will be held in Malaysia this weekend to promote a better understanding of this exclusive French skin care product.

The workshop is taking place in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia this coming weekend (25-26 September). Invited participants will undertake a skin test and a special double-training session, including product training and training on presentation techniques for presenting Physio Radiance, conducted by our Senior Product Trainer, Ms Mariel Yoro. IRs will also meet well-known dermatologist, Dr Zaitun Sulaiman, who will give advice and expert information about basic skin care. Not only that, Malaysia’s former beauty queen-turned-personal groomer Ms Joyce Lee will be there to present some tips and tricks on how to take care of your looks.

All the workshop attendees will sample Physio Radiance products to see for themselves why Physio Radiance is one of the most popular products from QNet. After the two-day session, all participants become our newest Physio Radiance Ambassadors!

Stay tuned to your QNet Blog as we bring you a report of this event. But in the meantime, why not check out our new Physio Radiance Training Movie and TV commercial?