After good news was unleashed for BlackBerry users, the round of good news has now arrived right at the doorstep of all Android users! If you are an Android user and want to have your QNet business with you everywhere, now you can do so!

The QNet Mobile Solution has just launched its newest application and, this time, it’s for the Android* platform! Downloading the programme can’t be simpler: from your Android phone, just go to the Android Market application > search for ‘QNet’ > download and install > register. You are now ready to stay updated with your business wherever you want, whenever you want!

Some features include:
–         Product photos
–         IR pricing of products
–         S&H on the price list
–         New referrals

The QNet Mobile Solution is also available via Mobile Web and Mobile Apps for other operating systems (iPhone, Nokia, and Blackberry), as well as 2-Way SMS.

Mobile Web

If you’re on other phone operating systems or if you don’t want to download this app, you can still stay connected to your business by visiting our Mobile Web version at

Mobile Apps
·        iPhone
Search ‘QNet’ from iTunes and locate ‘QNet Mobile’.

·        Nokia
1.    Go to
2.    Click on “Tell me more about the Mobile App Solution”.
3.    Click on “Take me to the Mobile App Download Centre”.
4.    Select “Nokia” from the “Please Select Your Mobile Brand” dropdown.
5.    Select your Nokia phone model from the “Please Select Your Model” dropdown.
6.    Click Next and choose an option on how to install to your phone.

If you’re a BlackBerry user and cannot find the BlackBerry App, you can follow these steps to download it.

·        BlackBerry
Search ‘QNet’ from App World, download and install. If you can’t find the App, we’ll provide you with a website to download this app, which is coming soon.

2-Way SMS
1.      Register by sending a text message ‘REGISTER [ID] [PASSWORD]’ to +467374945538.
2.      You will receive an SMS with a 4-digit security PASSCODE.
3.      Send a text message ‘PASSCODE 4-digit pass code’ back to +467374945538.
4.      You will receive a message that says ‘Registration Successful’.
5.      You are now ready to use the following Mobile IR Commands:

a.      GET REFERRALS – to review your Referrals
b.     GET BUS UPDATES – to get QNet business updates
c.      GET BALANCE [QA PIN] – to know your Quest Account balance
d.     GET CUV [WEEK] [YEAR] [TC] – to get Commission Unit Value
e.     GET COMM [WEEK] [YEAR] – to know the amount of your Commissions

Via your mobile device, the QNet Mobile Solution allows you to stay connected to your business anytime, anywhere.

With QNet, we always bring you the best!

*The QNet Android app supports Android 2.1 Platform.