Fifty-five IRs transformed into knowledgeable Physio Radiance Ambassadors. A workshop that spanned two days. Two special speakers. Lots of activities. Spectacular success.

That was the summary of the first-ever Physio Radiance Ambassador Training Workshop!

In Malaysia last weekend, QNet organised the first Physio Radiance Ambassador Training Workshop. The purpose was to educate and train our customers and distributors about Physio Radiance, QNet’s exclusive anti-aging French skin care solution. The invited participants, both male and female IRs of different ages and skin types, joined this workshop and participated in numerous activities – including a skin test and photo shoot – during the two-day event. Plus, they also had a chance to experience Physio Radiance for themselves.

The two special speakers at the event were well-known dermatologist, Dr Zaitun Sulaiman, and Malaysia’s former beauty queen-turned-personal groomer Ms Joyce Lee. Dr Zaitun gave an insightful and educational presentation and demonstration on our skin, so that the attendees would have a better understanding of the largest and most important human organ; an important knowledge for Physio Radiance brand ambassadors. Ms Lee gave an exclusive grooming session to our IRs that included styling tips, so that they would finish the workshop with a great deal of confidence as well as a brand-new look and personality.

QNet Senior Product Trainer Ms Mariel Yoro hosted a product presentation workshop with interesting activities, which included showing attendees how to access the marketing materials available to them in the Virtual Office.

The enthusiasm of our IRs thrilled Ms Yoro. “They are so active, so eager to learn. It’s like they are hungry for what we give them and it’s never enough. I’m very impressed,” she said.

At the end of the event, the IRs who completed the workshop became official Physio Radiance Product Ambassadors and were given certificates by QNet Malaysia General Manager, Mr V. Navaratnam.

“I’m extremely happy with the event; it has been a great success. We’ve already received extremely positive feedback on the product and the training, which will help us improve our future workshops,” said Mr Navaratnam. “On behalf of QNet, I’d like to thank our speakers and all of the participants for making this Physio Radiance Ambassador Training Workshop a memorable and successful event.”

If you want to experience this magical session, the next country might be yours! Keep an eye on your QNet Blog as we bring you updates of the next Physio Radiance Ambassador Training Workshop!