Sports are more than just a source of entertainment — they can also teach you teamwork and discipline, both of which have placed QNet at the forefront for success.

QI Director of International Operations, Mr Richard Zinkiewicz (fifth from left) and the QNet executive team are welcomed to the stadium by the Hong Kong Football Club organiser.

QNet has had a long history of sports sponsorships, with recent ones including sponsorships for football and automotive sports racing.

To further enforce our purpose throughout the sports world, we recently expanded our sports sponsorships portfolio to include rugby as well — QNet is now a Senior Rugby Gold Sponsor of the Hong Kong Football Club (HKFC) Rugby Section!

The Hong Kong Football Club was founded in 1886 and is a private members sports club in Hong Kong. The word ‘Football’ in the Hong Kong Football Club name is from rugby football,  as rugby is the first sport that this club played. At present, the Hong Kong Football Club has facilities for many sports, both of the indoor and outdoor variety.

If you’re a rugby fan, stay tuned to your QNet Blog as we bring you more news and updates on your favourite sport!