Have you enjoyed your healthier and younger skin? Do you want more of Physio Radiance products but don’t want to buy them in a whole set?

From now on, you can buy your much-loved Physio Radiance products as individual bottles! Whether it’s the Comfort Emulsion Cleanser, Remineralising Toner Lotion, Extreme Anti-Oxidant Serum or Enhancer Day & Night Fluid, you can purchase these Physio Radiance products individually without having to buy the whole set!

Comfort Emulsion Cleanser
This creamy cleanser has a pH equivalent to that of tears and directly emulsifies when coming into contact with damp skin. Your skin will be clean, soft and fresh, and your complexion will be enhanced in just a matter of seconds.

Remineralising Toner Lotion
Absolutely free of alcohol, this lotion creates an immediate feeling of freshness and plays a role in the process of remineralising the skin. Designed to prepare the skin for further treatment, it tones the face and ideally complements the Comfort Emulsion Cleanser.

Extreme Anti-Oxidant Serum
With an extreme concentration of powerful, anti-aging active ingredients, this concentrated care product brings firmness and density to your skin.

Radiance Enhancer Day & Night Fluid
This fine, light and silky fluid forms a protective veil that cares for your skin throughout the day and night.

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