A QNet product exhibit and product training session became one of the highlights for many IRs and invitees during the recent Network Seminar Series (NSS) held in Jakarta, Indonesia on 17 October.  IRs got the chance to see and appreciate products first hand and present them to potential customers and business prospects. HomePure, Physio Radiance, the Himalayan Crystal Collection, and the Umayal Collection were amongst the products on display, drawing large crowds.

IRs at the NSS in Jakarta, Indonesia.

“We really appreciated having QNet’s product presence in this event.  After our business presentation, IRs could then immediately walk over to the exhibition and see the mentioned products, explaining them to their invitees. The product exhibit really strengthened our business presentation,” AVP Hendra Nilam, one of the organisers, said.

About 300 IRs and invitees attended the NSS event during which AVP Hendra Nilam, AVP Ferdie Tolentino, VC Doddi Ferdinarta, VC Amelia, and VC Nirmalagit came on stage to give inspirational speeches. The business seminar was complemented by the QNet exhibit of products as well as business tools. Participants were also treated to a product knowledge session by QNet Senior Product Trainer Ms Mariel Yoro, who guided the enthusiastic audience with interesting information on Physio Radiance and HomePure.

Ms Wita Dahlan, Corporate Communications Manager for Indonesia, revealed that this mobile exhibition is expected to bring QNet closer to its customers and give each network an enhanced business experience.

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