One of the most anticipated and important events on the yearly calendar of any serious networker is the international ‘Mastermind Event’, held annually in the USA.

QNet Executive Chairperson, Ms Donna Imson, will be one of the highlights of the MLM Mastermind Event.

This year, the three-day event takes place in Houston, Texas, from this Friday, 29 October 2010, till this Sunday, 31 October 2010.

QNet Executive Chairperson Ms Donna Imson will be one of the highlights of this prestigious event, as one of a handful of pro networkers who have been invited to speak at Mastermind.

Ms Donna will deliver one of her unique and compelling speeches this Saturday afternoon (GMT -6) to networking industry elites.

The conference combines workshops, seminars and networking opportunities to inspire and educate networkers from around the world, while helping to further professionalise the industry.

Leaders from over 60 countries, representing more than 200 different network marketing companies have all shared 5-Star Reviews of the event, which is being hosted by MLM rock star, Art Jonak.

For the Mastermind attendees, they have flocked to Texas from all corners of the globe this weekend with a single objective: to learn from the best.

QNet’s very own star, Ms Donna Imson, is one of the nine ‘best’ who have been invited to speak at the event. With a strong reputation for giving incredible speeches that impart years of wisdom and experience, Ms Donna is a popular public speaker around the world for events not only within the direct selling profession, such as the recent Elite Network Marketing Conference (ENMC), but also for events outside the profession, such as this year’s Asian Bloggers & Social Media Conference, where she spoke of the importance of adding value to the ‘chatter’.

To read what the Mastermind Event organisers have to say about Ms Donna, click here.

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