From the moment you open your eyes each morning, your body needs a tremendous amount of energy for use in your daily activities. That’s the reason that, at the end of the day, you feel as if your energy’s been drained, leaving you too exhausted to do anything else. But how good would it be to have balanced energy whenever and wherever you are, all day long?

With a breakthrough improvement on QNet’s energy product line, the Amezcua Lifestyle Set is especially designed for convenience. The handy energising discs enable you to have an energetic and quality lifestyle anywhere, anytime.

Amezcua Lifestyle Set

Exclusively manufactured and energised in Switzerland, the mobility of the Amezcua Lifestyle Set is made of a strong and lightweight titanium that is convenient to carry but also durable, meaning the discs are practical for an active lifestyle and will last a long time. Use each disc of the Amezcua Lifestyle Set for its specific benefits, depending on what you are doing: drinking, eating or moving. Bring the Amezcua Lifestyle Set with you everywhere to ensure your energetic lifestyle is not only maintained, but enhanced!

The Amezcua Lifestyle Set contains three energy discs – Amezcua DRINK, Amezcua EAT and Amezcua MOVE – each created with specific energy frequencies that are exclusive to the particular application of each individual disc. The positive energy of the Amezcua Lifestyle Set helps you balance and harmonise your energy levels to leave you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle whatever the day may hold.

So, now not only is Amezcua there for you, but Amezcua is now with you!

Get ready for having your balanced energy everywhere with the Amezcua Lifestyle Set, available in your eStore!