“Many people often asked me why I look so healthy and energetic. I’ll share with you my secrets.

“I was invited by my friend to join the QNet family. She shared with me a story of the Amezcua Bio Disc and Chi Pendant. Before this, I felt very tired. But after using the products, I found that my life changed a lot, both physically and emotionally. Before going to work each day, I never forget to put on the Chi Pendant and drink energised water treated by the Bio Disc. I’m now much healthier. I bought ten sets of the Bio Disc and Chi Pendant for my husband and my friends so that they could also enjoy the wellness benefits.

“Another great product is VITAL CODE™. After my husband’s operation, I recommended that he take VITAL CODE™ Alpha Men and VITAL CODE™ Optima (a comprehensive multivitamin with raw food created nutrients) to boost his health. He regularly takes two capsules each day in the morning and evening. Recently, he visited the doctor to have a medical checkup.  To my surprise, the result was normal.  My husband gives the credit to me and always keeps talking about how effective VITAL CODE™ is for him. I also encouraged my friends to try this product. For me, I regularly take VITAL CODE™ Alpha Women and VITAL CODE™ Optima.”

– Juliet Remero Cruz
The Philippines

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