Since the IR Personal Website was launched at V-Malaysia 2010, many of you have started to experience the power of this new tool, and some have been looking forward to using it to boost your business!

It Just Got Even More Personalised!

You can now enjoy new features on your IR Personal Website, including:

  • Available WORLD WIDE!
  • Choose from 11 languages: Arabic, Azeri, Traditional Chinese, English, Farsi, French, Bahasa Indonesia, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish
  • Choices of images
  • More options to present your products and business
  • Easy access to your eStore
  • And much more!

Promote an entire product category — such as Nutrition, Personal Care, Watches & Jewellery, or Holidays, to name just a few — or just individual brands, such as the revolutionary anti-aging skin care Physio Radiance, the popular immunity-booster Olé, or perhaps the In-Voice brand of telecommunication solutions. YOUR products and YOUR choice.

Your IR Personal Website is easy to set-up, easy to maintain, easy to change, and of course, it is designed to help YOU promote the best products in the right business!

Why wait?!

Login to your Personal Website today! A whole lot more of potential for positioning your products is there for you.