More than forty IRs became QNet’s first HomePure Ambassadors after attending a two-day workshop with experts in the field in Malaysia!

HomePure Ambassadors and QNet Staff.

To further promote our top-quality brands and to enhance our IRs’ product knowledge, QNet organised the first HomePure Ambassador Training Workshop in Malaysia last week.

The event started Saturday, 30 October 2010, when QNet Malaysia General Manager Mr V. Navaratnam gave a welcome  introductory speech to all of the participants, who then enjoyed a short break-the-ice session, as they would spend the next two days learning and doing product activities together.

As it’s best to learn from experts, QNet invited two guest speakers – an experienced water filtration expert, Mr Murugesu S/O Vengedasamy, who spoke about water quality and the water situation in Malaysia; and a product expert in the water filtration business, Ms Lily Tran Thi Hue, who explained the various water filtration systems available in the market, including their pros and cons.

Another expert who joined the event was QNet’s Senior Product Trainer, Ms Mariel Yoro, who gave a training on HomePure and its unique 7-Stage Filtration System. She also facilitated a Presentation Skills workshop where each and every participant had acted in a role play session that would help them when they introduce the product to their Downlines, Prospects, and customers. The attendees also learned about the water purifier market, as well as how HomePure earned its certifications from four well-known institutions.

“This Product Ambassador Training workshop ensures that our IRs have good knowledge about HomePure, that they will be able to professionally and competently introduce HomePure to other people. This could help them grow their network,” Mr V. Navaratnam said. “I’d like to also thank the guest speakers, the team, and of course our IRs for making this training a successful one.”

The HomePure Ambassador Training workshop was a great success with positive feedback from the participants. QNet would like to thank all of the attendees and staff for making this event enjoyable during the past weekend.