Only three days left and you’ll become a night owl!

That’s right! The Early Bird Bonanza Bonus ends in just THREE days on Friday, 12 November 2010, 23:59 HKST. This is your LAST chance to earn a USD 200 bonus on top of the amount you receive for your Bonanza Share/s at the end of the Bonanza Extravaganza incentive programme!

And remember… to earn your Bonanza Share PLUS your Early Bird Bonanza Bonus of USD 200, you only have to enrol, qualify and activate two (2) Direct Referrals. But once the Early Bird period is over, you will have to qualify THREE (3) Direct Referrals, and activate two (2) of them. So, it’s now or never!

Become an early bird now before it’s too late! Utilise your networking skills – retail, recruit, manage, lead, and retain your network and get rewarded for your dedicated efforts!

Early birds get it easy AND catch a bonus of USD 200! Night owls arrive too late so they don’t receive a bonus at all, and they have to qualify more of their Direct Referrals to earn a Bonanza Share!

Note: You will receive a one-time bonus of USD 200 regardless of the number of shares that you are able to achieve during the Early Bird timeframe.

*For details about the rewards, full Terms & Conditions, and multilingual information, please see your Virtual Office.