Ms Donna Imson wins the crowd as guest speaker at elite US event.

“The enemy isn’t in here… The enemy is out there! The enemy is the status quo!”

Ms Donna shows the power of Asia at the Mastermind Event.

– Art Jonak

Last weekend, a revolution took place.

Almost 400 network marketing professionals gathered in Houston, Texas, with their pens ready and minds open for the 6th annual generic Mastermind Event.

Despite representing 60 different companies, there was a distinct lack of ‘competition’ in the room; these networkers had united not only to learn from some of the world’s best in the business, but to work together to elevate their beloved profession, despite which company they represent.

This concept was best stated by event organiser and networking great Art Jonak: “The enemy isn’t in here… The enemy is out there! The enemy is the status quo!”

The Mastermind faculty included a who’s who of network marketing: Art Jonak; Randy Gage; Jordan ‘Mr Beach Money’ Adler; Orrin Woodward; Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter: Ken Dunn; Donna Johnson; Richard Brooke; guest Mike Dillard; and QNet’s own MLM rockstar and Executive Chairperson, Ms Donna Imson!

It is no understatement to say that among such a stellar roster of network marketing stars, Ms Donna shone particularly bright with a unique, captivating, emotional, factual and all-round inspiring presentation about network marketing in the East.

Presenting a balance of facts and figures about the booming profession in the East, as well as personal anecdotes that engendered the respect and awe of the audience, Ms Donna served as an advocate for the growth and potential of the MLM profession in Asia and beyond.

“I work with the best type of networkers; they’re hungry for it, they desire it, they want it so badly… and they deserve it. The countries my company does business in have the most fantastic people with the best work ethic, patience and dedication for network marketing,” she said.

“Through network marketing, we have been able to break down the barriers of race, religion, language and culture. Now, isn’t that something that’s truly great and special? Isn’t that really amazing that network marketing has made that possible, that it has united all these people?

“And I am here today, speaking to you on the shoulders of these millions of amazing people over there (in the East).”

Ms Donna had the crowd cheering throughout, left many with wet eyes as she recounted her ‘defining moment’, and she received an overwhelming standing ovation.

As part of Ms Donna’s closing, she punctuated her powerful presentation with an audio-visual example of what she had been talking about throughout her speech by playing the ‘We Are One’ VCon song/movie.

But Ms Donna wasn’t flying the QNet flag alone. Among the fired-up crowd in Texas were AVP Rosemarie Glen, AVP Gilbert Magtoto, AVP Ferdie Tolentino, AVP Edgardo Ting, AVP Joy Copreros, VC Mike Trinidad, top leader Andre Abouzeid, Dr Mark Platon, QI Director Ms Judith Reyes, company consultant Dennis Tenney, Qplus Business Development Manager Amar Chandnani and QNet Head of Communications Jodi A. Hammond.

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