Rule 3 Extreme World Tour has made the day for almost 1,800 IRs in Surabaya, Indonesia. On 10 November 2010, eager IRs packed the Ballroom of Pakuwon Supermal for the exciting and long-awaited event.

VC Gita Hartanto on the stage.

From towns all over East and Central Java, as well as from other provinces, these networkers gathered to learn the most out of the networking know-how from The V. The 1,750 plus people exceeded the capacity of the Ballroom but that didn’t stop them from participating in the event — some of them were more than happy to sit on the floor, next to the edge of the stage!

IRs applauded cheerfully when VC Gita Hartanto, Indonesia’s very own son, fired up their enthusiasm with his motivating speech. Since 10 November coincides with National Hero Day in Indonesia, VC Gita highlighted the heroic spirit in his address on stage, pointing out how everyone in the room could be a hero for their family, relatives and friends.  He also encouraged the audience to fight against ‘occupation of idleness’ to reach success in life.

VC Gita was not the only one the networkers got to hear that day. VC I Made Sayoga, VP Dave Johl and VC Rosli Ismail joined him on stage to share the Rule 3 principles with the passionate audience.

Apart from the motivation, the networkers also enjoyed Product Exhibition from QNet where they got a chance to experience the quality products from the Company’s product lines with the ‘hottest’ items being displayed. There was also a comprehensive Bonanza Extravaganza promotion during the event. And as usual, the QNet backdrop certainly was a hit for photo shots by the enthusiastic IRs.

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