At the end of each year, QNet organises a big year-end bonus for you in the form of an incentive programme. And this year, we have the Bonanza Extravaganza with special guaranteed shares of USD 500 each!

Though the Early Bird Bonus period has already ended, it’s not too late for you to earn up to five (5) Bonanza Shares in the Bonanza Extravaganza until 21 January 2011!

To help you on your quest for Bonanza Shares, QNet is now offering special rates on your favourite products in your eStore. Check them out and use them to help you and your Downlines achieve your Bonanza Extravaganza goals!

Remember, the quest for the Bonanza Extravaganza ends Friday, 21 January 2011, 23:59 HKST. Act NOW – it’s time to achieve and see your network succeed!