Fantastic news for our Azeri-speaking IRs – QNet now speaks YOUR language!

To be successful, it’s important that you fully understand your business. That’s why we’ve been putting much effort into improving your online experience so that you will enjoy your business more in your own language. And, today, we’re pleased and excited to announce that the QNet website is now available in Azeri, making it the 11th language available to you.

Whether it’s information about your company or about your favourite products, you can now find them at

The good news doesn’t end here! More features are also now in Azeri, such as the Customer Request Form (CRF), to facilitate your QNet business.

Apart from Azeri, your QNet website also goes multilingual by simply choosing your desired language in the language drop-down menu:

So what are you waiting for? Check out your QNet website in your local language and expand your QNet business!