Asyad AI Saleh at the final round of the 2009 GP2 Asia Series, which took place at Bahrain International Circuit.

“I’m Asyad AI Saleh from Saudi Arabia. My favourite product is the Amezcua Chi Pendant which I’m currently wearing. I’ll share with you one of my experiences with the Chi Pendant, which I purchased after signing up for the business. One day I had a long business trip and I was wearing the Chi Pendant to find out if there would be any difference. I was amazed to see myself more focussed and energetic for the whole trip, even when I reached the hotel very late at night. The moment I took the Chi Pendant off and lay down in bed, I fell asleep immediately.

“The nature of my job is demanding. I have to travel to many different offices, talk to different people, and hold numerous presentations. My colleagues once looked at me with wonder and asked: ‘How do you do it? You seem to be a highly energetic guy who can do different things at the same time without any stress or fatigue.’ Before this, I used to get tired easily from working hard, and now it’s a completely different experience. I love my Chi Pendant so much. I never go to work without it anymore. My wife also uses it, but in her case, it’s because it protects her against electromagnetic fields when using her mobile phone.

The V Managing Director Mr Pathman Senathirajah and Asyad Al Saleh’s son, Zainab.

“I’ve been in this business for almost two years. Having an engineering background, I spent an enormous amount of time carefully analysing the business and products in order to convince myself that I was doing the right thing. And I have a strong belief now that I’m in the right business and in the right company. With all the challenges and different things I’ve been going through, I have confidence that this is the kind of place I cannot find anywhere else in this world. It brought me into contact with other people in different parts of the world and introduced me to some fantastic products that I now cannot live without.

Asyad AI Saleh and his two lovely kids Zainab (left) and Alhasan (right).

“QNet really can make your dreams come true when you work at it… Even my son has had his dreams come true with QNet! He always dreamed of meeting Mr Pathman. One day my son was in Bahrain with me. Although he was tired and felt very sleepy, he waited for the moment he could meet Mr Pathman, who shook my son’s hand and gave him a hug. My son was so happy. I have a photo of my son with Mr Pathman on my phone.

“Thanks to the team who are behind the QNet business!”

– Asyad AI Saleh
Saudi Arabia

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