Recently, QNet had an opportunity to catch up with some IRs from Egypt at the Bangkok office. Coming back from The InService Brotherhood  (ISB) Bootcamp held in Pattaya, they still looked fresh and full of energy. What are their secret weapons?

“I joined QNet one and a half years ago. One of my favourite products is the Amezcua Lifestyle Set. The set contains three discs that are very nice and interesting in the fact that they work in different ways – one for when you MOVE, one for when you EAT, and one for when you DRINK. Each disc is very light. You can take them anywhere you want. For Amezcua MOVE, it helps me feel refreshed and full of energy all day. For Amezcua DRINK, I use it every time I drink water as it is able to make water more hydratious, which helps harmonise my energy level. For Amezcua EAT, I put it in my refrigerator. It helps enhance the taste of food and makes me feel refreshed after eating something.

“Actually, I also like the Amezcua Bio Disc but I found that the Amezcual Lifestyle Set provides more specific energy frequencies. For example, when I go out, I feel more comfortable putting Amezcua MOVE in my pocket as it is very light and durable.”

– Magdy Abdullah

“I have been with QNet for a year and a half. The first QNet products I purchased were a Bernhard H. Mayer® watch and an Amezcua Chi Pendant. After wearing the Amezcua Chi Pendant for a week, I noticed a difference in my body. I felt healthier and stronger. The product helps balance energy levels in my body and gives me positive energy. I wear it every day, except when I sleep. It’s a very unique product.”

– Mohamed Mahmoud El-Akkad

Keep your eyes open for more great stories from our IRs. Coming soon!

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