The QNet logo was in the spotlight in Indonesian newspapers as promising young Indonesian driver Rio Haryanto tested the Virgin Racing F1 car. Photographed next to the super-fast and extremely powerful car with the QNet logo on it, 17-year-old Rio shared his impressions of driving the Virgin Racing VR-01.

Stating that the car was ‘faster than he expected’ to the Kompas, one of Indonesia’s leading newspapers, Rio hopes to have a career as an F1 driver someday soon, but at present he continues to gain racing experience through the GP3 and GP2 series. The young Indonesian now has an amazing experience to assist with his career and desire to reach the pinnacle of motorsport. Not only is the F1 car impressive, but Rio himself stepped toward his dream of one day racing in F1. This news was featured by the Kompas, Jawa Pos and Bola on 18-19 November 2010.

As QNet continues its partnership with the Virgin Racing team, we are all looking forward to seeing headlines about the Virgin Racing car with our favourite logo on its bodywork!