QI Group Managing Director, Mr Joseph Bismark, was featured in The Business Mirror, one of the leading business newspapers in The Philippines. Mr Bismark shares his philosophy in the article that discusses failure, success and spirituality both in professional and personal life. He says “success is a very personal attribute, and lacks singular definition that would be acceptable to all. After all, what is success? And who is really capable of judging another’s? Does success imply material wealth? Does it mean a rewarding career? Does fame equate with success?…”

Mr Bismark also shares his vision, which is reflected in the mission of the QI Group in so many ways. He says corporate social responsibility should go further than providing resources to communities and posing in front of the cameras, and that the value of life is reflected in the Group’s philosophy of vegetarianism and mission to Raise Yourself To Help Mankind (RYTHM).

The article is a must-read for those who have enjoyed Mr Bismark’s The Gem Collection – A Compilation of Wisdom or is just searching for the personal philosophy to balance the business and life with wisdom.

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